10 Benefits Of The Luum Intensive Model


We approach design differently, beginning with our comprehensive, proprietary strategy and delivering game-changing results super fast.

Our thorough but efficient process is catered to the unique strengths, goals, and opportunities of your brand. From big-picture down to the details, our team provides high-impact solutions that drive your brand forward in meaningful ways.

Here’s a little glimpse into how we create magic.

1. Done in weeks, not months

One of the most significant benefits of our Intensive model is that we deliver results in a much shorter time than traditional agencies. Instead of months, we condense the process into a few weeks so you can start attracting the quality customers you want.

Even if you don't have a tight timeline, this benefits your brand in multiple ways.

First, you receive the final deliverables quickly. This allows you to begin working on marketing and promotion much sooner. Time is money, and the more time spent in the back-and-forth of indecision, the less time you spend marketing your brand and closing sales.

Second, your team gains clarity into the WHY of your brand and the purpose behind everything you do. This gives added propulsion and precision to both internal decision-making and external communication. Guessing is expensive, and when we bring clarity to your message, you spend less time (and money) guessing.

2. Decades of experience

Our Intensives give you access to our decades of branding and marketing experience in a concentrated format.

We come to the table with years of first-hand knowledge that gets poured directly into our conversations around brand strategy. This gives you a jump-start to move your brand forward with confidence.

Our insight and wisdom are yours. And you don’t have to put in decades of work to get it.

3. Undivided Attention

Our team has one focus during your Intensive sessions. You!

But this benefit of undivided attention goes both ways.

Your team is less distracted, more dialed in, and the creative energy is palpable. Our collective brain power is tuned in to discovering innovative solutions to the problems you’re trying to solve.

4. Focused Creativity

Our Intensive model creates an environment to block out distractions that arise during a typical months-long project.

Our creative efforts are not divided between your project and a dozen others. Instead, we focus solely on creating innovative solutions and thoughtful strategies to help you accomplish your branding and marketing goals.

5. Thorough prep

We do our homework. Before our sessions together, our team does a deep dive into your business and industry so that no time is wasted during our sessions.

We have an equal opportunity approach regarding Intensive preparation. Like all aspects of our Intensives, we’ve also crafted special tasks for you to complete. This dual-preparation approach allows us to hit the ground running once the Intensive sessions begin.

6. Tailored process

Our Intensive model is a framework with a proven track record. We’ve developed to get the best result for your brand.

We know every situation is unique, so the structure of our Intensives gives us the freedom to get the most out of creativity. This process allows us to craft custom solutions for our clients.

Our Intensive model isn’t a factory assembly line. It is a bespoke experience within a framework.

7. Real-time updates

We don't wait weeks to give you an update. When Brené Brown said, “Clear is kind,” we took it to heart.

Throughout the concentrated timeline of our Intensive, we provide you with clear, consistent updates. We won’t leave you wondering what we're working on and how things are progressing. We do our part to make the world a kinder place through clear, consistent communication.

8. Clarified “Why”

In our Intensive model, we strongly emphasize strategy as the foundation of great branding and marketing.

The problem you're trying to solve, the goals you're trying to hit, and your brand's vision merge to form your company's WHY. Branding and marketing are most powerful when tied back to your WHY. By clarifying your purpose, goals, and big idea, we build brand marketing and design that connects with your target audience.

9. Comprehensive Toolkit

At the end of our Intensive, we deliver useful design assets to increase your chances of successful marketing. This toolkit allows your brand to move forward with confidence.

10. Strategic Next Steps

Not only do we provide a comprehensive design tool kit, but throughout the Intensive, we also bring clarity around the next steps for your brands.

With this clarity, your team can work efficiently and strategically to achieve your goals. This clarity is a huge value-add to your brand because it lets you focus your team’s efforts on what matters to you – saying no to good and yes to great.

• • •

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